7 Reasons to Order from Masala Box Food Networks

Tiffin by Masalabox – Healthy and Delicious food Everyday

Tiffin by Masalabox is an online Tiffin Service in Bangalore and Kochi. We provide delicious and healthy tiffin from talented chefs. We would let you know some of the reasons why you should order from Masalabox more often:


As much as the popular brands would have us believe, fast food is generally not the healthiest option around. The dishes are generally high in empty calories and low in nutrients. Relying on fast foods for a prolonged period of time takes a visible toll on the health. Even in the short run, fast food often makes one feel lethargic and bloated. Order from Masalabox and enjoy nutritive and home cooked meals that would not take a toll on your health and mind.


Ordering out is expensive. And the corner chow mien thela does not make the healthiest stuff, either. Problem? Solution: Tiffin by Masalabox. Log on to the site and have the choice of ordering from a range of delectable and filling meals at affordable rates.

Tiffin By MasalaBox


Ordering food day in day out can become boring after a while. Fast food chains, corner side thelas and even restaurants offer limited menus. But with Masalabox, you get multiple choices, which changes every day. Just like at our homes, our multiple home chefs do not have the same menu – they change their menus according to the availability of fresh seasonal ingredients. This gives you a great choice, be it your Chinese cravings, or an authentic Indian Thali, you would never be disappointed.


Our home chefs are essentially homemakers who like to cook (and make some money with it). Unlike established organisations, their menus are not dictated by marketing gimmicks, but with what they find at their nearby markets each day. Needless to say that all our menus are prepared from fresh, crisp and seasonal vegetables and ingredients.


Home cooking will always follow high levels of hygiene; after all it is something the home chefs cook for themselves as well. Hygienic cooking = healthy cooking!

Contributing to the local economy

With the entire world now focusing on supporting local economies, you can do so too by ordering in from Masalabox – an Indian startup which helps local home chefs raise money from selling their cooked food at affordable prices. Next time you order something from Masalabox, be proud of your contribution to the society.


What is ordering in without some convenient? Log on to Tiffin by Masalabox, select your dish according to your craving of the day and enjoy warm, wholesome homely meal delivered at your doorstep at your convenience in a short while. Not bad, eh?

Tiffin Service in Bangalore and Kochi

Homemade foodTiffin Service in Bangalore and Kochi, every day! There is something about homemade food that makes everyone swoon. The love sprinkled over and the care kneaded into it makes it taste unique. You can always differentiate a homemade food from a restaurant cooked one. However, not all are lucky enough to experience this bliss every day- staying away from family and long gruelling hours at work often comes between a good homely meal and us, the lesser mortals. Masalabox Tiffin Service in Bangalore and Kochi, we ensure that you get this unique experience every day, even when you are staying away from home, even when you are too tired (or simply lazy) to cook for yourself.
Now that you have enough reasons to order from Masalabox, what are you waiting for? Order from the site and enjoy a hot bowl of tasty and nutritious food at your desk or your home.”