10 Diwali Snacks Recipes To Add Sparkle To Diwali Celebrations

Diwali is an Indian festival that most of us look forward to. It is that time of the year when most people spend quality time with friends, family, and near & dear ones. Diwali will be celebrated on 14th November this year and most of us would have probably started preparing for the festival. However, if you have not yet started preparing, it’s high time that you do because Diwali is just around the corner. 


Just like most Indian festivals, food is an important part of Diwali celebrations. A wide range of Diwali snacks and Diwali sweets are prepared by families and enjoyed during the festival. There are several Diwali snacks recipes that you can easily prepare at your home with a handful of ingredients. If you are wondering where to begin, here are a few suggestions to help you get started. 

Namak Pare

Diwali Snacks : Namak Pare

Namak Pare, also called as nimkin or nimki, is a crunchy Indian snack that is prepared during Diwali and other auspicious occasions. The delicious snack is prepared with refined flour, ghee, carom seeds, and cumin seeds. You can prepare Namak Pare in just 30 minutes. The texture, taste, and appearance of the snack is quite similar to samosa pastry.

Poha Chivda

Diwali Snacks : Poha Chivda

If you are looking for an easy to prepare Diwali snack, Poha Chivda is an excellent option. Poha Chivda actually can be considered as a superfood. This is because the yummy Indian snack offers a wide range of health benefits to you. For instance, it is high in iron and contains sufficient amounts of healthy carbohydrates. It is also an ideal snack option for the ones who are trying to lose weight.

Mini Samosa

Diwali Snacks : Mini Samosa

Mini samosa is a yummy North Indian snack that can be easily prepared with flour, roasted peanuts, and spices. These scrumptious and crunchy potato-filled snacks can be served as a finger food or starter for kitty parties or anniversaries. You can also stuff mini samosa with onion or other veg/non-veg stuffings based on your preference. 


Diwali Snacks : Karanji

The sweet, delicious, and deep-fried dumpling, Karanji is another Diwali snack recipe that you can easily prepare at home. It is prepared with all purpose flour or semolina and stuffed with dried nuts and sweetened khoya mixture. The preparation method of Karanji is quite similar to that of samosa.  It is usually prepared during Indian festivals and other auspicious occasions. 


Chakli is a crisp, crunchy, and deep-fried spiral shaped snack, which is perfect for Diwali festival. Different varieties of this snack are available in the country and they are referred as Chakri in Gujarat while called as Murukku in South India. Chakri is made with atta, but murukku is prepared with rice flour. You can easily prepare Murukku or Chakli in less than one hour. 

Ribbon Pakoda

The fried and crispy ribbon shaped snack, Ribbon Pakoda is actually a variation of murukku. This is why it is also called Ribbon Murukku. Different versions of Ribbon Pakoda can be prepared using different proportions of rice and besan flour. Sometimes, roasted gram flour is also used in the preparation of Ribbon Pakoda, which makes it crunchy and crispy. 


These deep-fried and crunchy rice crackers are an excellent choice for serving as a Diwali snack to your near and dear ones. Thattai is commonly prepared during auspicious occasions and festivals seasons like Diwali and Krishna Jayanthi. They are made with herbs, spices, and rice flour. 


Here is a popular South Indian snack that you can enjoy with your family during Diwali. Mixture is nothing but a mix of different edible ingredients, dry fruits, and nuts. In the north and western parts of India, this snack is called Chivda while in South India, it is known as mixture. 


Here is another popular North Indian snack that can be prepared during Diwali. Sev is actually used as a topping in upma, poha, and chaats. But, they can also be eaten alone. You can spice and flavor Sev with ajwain or carom seeds. 

Sweet Murukku

If you are craving for a sweet Diwali snack, you should definitely try Sweet Murukku. It is an easy to prepare snack that can be made with jaggery syrup and plain murukku. The crunchiness and light sweetness of Sweet Murukku is sure to leave you and your friends impressed. 

Easy To Prepare Diwali Sweets Recipes

The festival of lights, Diwali is just around the corner and most of us are busy preparing for the festival. It is clear that we won’t be able to celebrate Diwali grandly like the previous years due to the current situation. However, that doesn’t mean Diwali celebrations will lose its sparkle. There are plenty of simple and fun ways to make the most of Diwali celebrations. 

Food, especially sweets are one of the integral parts of Diwali celebrations in the country. It is that time of the year when families gather around, prepare, distribute, and delicious sweets with their near and dear ones. 

Diwali sweets Recipes

Preparing sweets and distributing it to friends, family, and others is an Indian festival tradition that is followed since ancient years. You can easily prepare plenty of Diwali sweets at home with ease. If you are looking for suggestions, here are some simple Diwali sweets recipes to get started. 



The spiral shaped deep fried sweet is an absolute treat for people with sweet teeth. Jalebi is a juicy and crispy sweet that is widely popular across the Middle East and South Asia. Jalebi can be easily prepared by frying maida flour batter, which is later soaked in sugar syrup. 

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun

The incredibly popular and classic Indian sweet, Gulab Jamun is a common presence in most festive menus. Gulab Jamun is usually prepared with khoya, but it can also be made with milk powder. The delicious solid liquid based sweet is often garnished with cashews, almonds, and other dried nuts for enhancing the flavor. 

Coconut Burfi

Coconut barfi

As the name suggests, coconut burfi is a sweet that is made from coconut. It is a simple and easy to prepare Diwali sweet that tastes delicious. Coconut barfi, which is prepared with cardamom powder, sugar, and milk is a sweet that is commonly made during other festivals and celebrations in South India. 

Mysore Pak

 Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak is a well-known and popular classic Indian sweet prepared with gram flour, sugar, ghee, and cardamom. It is also commonly made during festivals, weddings, and other auspicious occasions in South India. 

Besan Ladoo

Diwali sweets Recipes

Besan Ladoo is another easy to prepare Diwali sweets recipe that will surely leave you craving you for more. The sweet, which is prepared commonly during festive seasons is made up of ghee, nuts, cardamom powder, sugar, and gram flour. 

Kaju Katli

Kaju katli is an easy to prepare and incredibly delicious Indian fudge that is prepared with sugar and cashew nuts. Kaju Katli is usually thin, and is not thick like a barfi. In fact, the term Katli means thin slices. A box of dry fruits or Kaju katli is often gifted to near and dear ones during Diwali and other festivals. 


Rasmalai is an excellent option for the ones who are looking to prepare a delicious indian sweet at home during Diwali. This popular Begali sweet is made with chenna discs or paneer. To make these discs spongy and soft, we cook them in sugar syrup while preparing Rasmalai. The word Ras in Rasmalai means juice while the other term Malai means cream. 

Rava Ladoo

Rava Ladoo or suji ladoo is another popular indian sweet that is prepared during Diwali and other festivals. The delicious Indian sweet is made with ghee, sugar, and semolina & it can be easily prepared at your home in 30 or less than 30 minutes. The aroma and crunchiness of Rava Ladoo will leave you wanting for more. 

Moong Dal Halwa

Here is another classic and popular Indian sweets recipe that is an ideal choice for dessert. Moong dal Halwa, which is prepared with ghee, cardamom powder, sugar, and moong lentils is not just delicious, but also has a unique aroma. Even though halwa is often made at Indian homes, Moong Dal Halwa is generally prepared during festivals and other celebrations. 

Anjeer Barfi

Anjeer Barfi is a guilt free Indian sweet that you can prepare in 20 or less than 20 minutes. It is considered as a guilt-free sweet because it is free from sugar. In fact, the sweet is made with nuts and dried figs. So, you would be probably wondering where the sweetness of Anjeer Barfi comes from? It comes from the dried figs, mixed nuts, and dates used to prepare it. 


Top 5 recipes for bachelors – Its yummy, healthy and easy!

With a growing hectic life schedule, cooking at home has become a once-in-a-blue-moon affair, which is why here are some recipes for bachelors.  People staying far away from home for career or other purposes fail in leading a healthy lifestyle most of the time. Although cooking may be enjoyed by some, the lack of time leads to ordering in food.

Here are the top 5 recipes for bachelors-

  1. Upma-

recipes for bachelors

Upma is one of the most common and easy breakfast options, hailing from South India. Rava ( a form of wheat), being the most important ingredient, is a low-fat and nutritious substance to start the day with. Add some chopped veggies to it, and you get one of the top healthy recipes for bachelors.

2. Paneer Makhanwala-

recipes for bachelors
Paneer Makhanwala

A recipe so loved by both vegetarians, and non- vegetarians; Paneer Makhanwala is a perfect side curry for your lunch as well as dinner. Make your lunch box a quick and delicious one, with some steamed rice paired with Paneer Makhanwala, while the leftover of the curry can be finished with hot parathas or chapathi by night. Now you know why this makes one of the best recipes for bachelors.

3. Egg Salad-

Recipes for Bachelors
Egg Salad

Egg Salad can be your delicious protein- packed snack, or even dinner! Slice boiled eggs (maximum 2 eggs per person) and whisk it up with lettuce, salad dressing, pepper and some veggies. Not just healthy, but also delicious- this makes it to the list of one of the top recipes for bachelors.

4. Curd Rice-

Recipes for bachelors
Curd Rice

Curd rice is one of the simplest rice dishes, and can be made plain as well as with some ‘tadka’. With this dish, not only do you save time to prepare your lunch box, but you also intake something filled with calcium and other nutrients. This makes curd rice to the list of top recipes for bachelors.

5. Moong Dal-

Recipes for Bachelors
Moong Dal

This is one of the easiest and healthiest dal curry recipes of India, and it goes well at any time for the day with anything. Be it rice, Chapathis or ‘puttu’, moong dal is always an amazing side dish. Prepare it for your lunch box and savour on the left over at night, to make it one of the best recipes for bachelors.

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