Your safety matters to us! How Masala Box has coped up with the situation?

Your safety matters to us!
How Masala Box has coped up with the Covid19 situation?

As COVID-19 becomes a matter of global concern, we, at Masala box, are taking some proactive measures to help minimize the chances of spreading of the coronavirus. The safety of our customers, employees, delivery partners, and home chef partners has always been a matter of top priority for us – now more than ever before.

Here’s a quick update on some of the steps we’ve taken to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all during covid19:
Our delivery partners & Homechef partners are continually being trained in the best practices of respiratory hygiene, proper method & frequency of washing hands, as well as identification of associated symptoms.
Should a delivery partner or a Homechef partner notice any associated symptoms, they’ve been specially requested to immediately reach out to us and consult a medical professional.
Our delivery partners & Homechef partners have also been advised to self-quarantine themselves for the recommended period upon noticing any symptoms.
We are especially in touch with our Home chef partners to ensure they’re aware of the best hygiene practices while handling and packaging food items.
Additionally, we have adopted a No Contact Delivery System wherein the delivery partners leave your package by the door (in case of online payment and we urge you to switch to online payment).

How can you help us?-
Please ask the DE to leave your package outside, in case you exhibit symptoms such as a cold, cough, sneezing etc.
Please contact our CS team in case you notice similar symptoms with our DE’s. – +91 8893627252
For your best health, please ensure to use sanitizers and hand wash frequently.
Also, please do contact us if you notice our DE’s or home chefs do not adhere to the best hygienic practices.
To avoid delivery contact, we urge you to switch to online payment!

Stay Home and Stay Safe, while we take care of your hygienic homemade food delivered to you!
Also, please do stay tuned for our updates by following us on Social Media and also paying attention to our SMS and e-mailers.

Thank You for your constant support!
We’re confident that with the right practices, we can help curb the spread of COVID-19. In the meantime, should you have any concerns about the matter, please reach out to our customer support team at or you can contact us via 8893627252.

Stay & Eat Safe, and above all, DO NOT PANIC!

We follow strict rules of sanitization!