It’s the festive season of Ramzan, and nothing compliments it more than a unique Iftar platter spread at the break of dusk! The Iftar menu varies from region to region- but the one thing that is common is the uniqueness and festivity of the menu. Here are the top 5 Iftar dishes this Ramadan-

Chicken Spring Rolls
The only challenge to get spring rolls right is by preparing the dough sheets properly for the spring rolls. Then all you need is some minced chicken prepared well in spices and veggies to make an amazing flavourful filling. Spring rolls are always a classic, hence making it to the top 5 Iftar Dishes.

Aloo Mattar Samosa
Aloo Mattar Samosas can be customized as per your choice; you can make it spicy, tangy and spicy, or even just tangy. All you need are some mashed potatoes filling paired with some green peas and other veggies, making the potato flavor dominant. Serve it with some homemade Dates chutney, and you will know why it’s in the list of the top 5 Iftar Dishes.

Prawns Tawa Fry
The key to a good plate of Prawns Tawa fry is in its coating of masalas. Use marination combining various spices as per your choice and coat the prawns, to be Tawa fried later. Pair this with some hot rice or simply serve with some onions, making it the top 5 Iftar Dishes.

Chicken Kala Masala
Chicken Kala Masala is a spicy affair and extremely delicious when served with chapatis or hot steaming rice. The marination and masalas are roasted to form the dark texture in the gravy, and the major spices are- pepper, cinnamon, and coriander. This is definitely one of the top 5 Iftar Dishes for you to break your fast with.

Mutton Haleem
With Persian roots, Mutton Haleem is a rich stew made with mutton and veggies, served with bread. The major ingredients are lentils, tender lamb meat, lamb stock, and a few veggies as per your choice. This broth when served hot with an assorted set of breads is a favorite for many; making it one of the most wanted Iftar Dishes.

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Author: Neeta Vijaykumar

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