There’s A Mirchi Gujiya In Lucknow That Costs INR 1200

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Gujiya is a celebratory sweet of India. It is synonymous with Holi. But have you ever heard of Mirchi Gujiya? Well, you read it right. Mirchi Gujiya aka Bahuballi Gujiya 2.0 is the savoury version from Lucknow.

About “Mirchi Gujiya”

Chappan Bhog, a sweet shop based in Lucknow has given a spicy twist to the traditional treat. This 8-inch deep-fried gujiya is loaded with green chillies, nuts, khoya, and raisins. The stuffing of this gujiya is soaked in saffron-infused sugar water to help reduce the heat of the chilli.

Reason behind the experiment

This shop has always tried innovating with authentic sweets. Their mirchi halwa was quite well received by the customers. That was the reason behind this savoury transformation of Gujiya. In 2021 they made a 14 inch gujiya that weighed 1.5kg. But this time, they decided to reduce the size and up the spice.

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Why the difference in size?

Food fusions and experiments are quite common these days. People love to explore more in terms of flavours but not size. Based on last year’s feedback the shop owners decided to reduce the size and enhance the flavour.

The challenge

Recently the sweet shop also organised a three-day event called “The Great Gujiya Challenge”. The participants competed with each other to finish this mirchi mewa bahubali gujiya. It was a fun-filled competition enjoyed by food lovers.

1200 Rupees for each piece of mirchi gujiya may not be sweet to your pocket but the experience is worth it. If you are in Lucknow or planning to visit the city soon do try this innovative gujiya.

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