Top 5 Lunch Box ideas- Homely vibes at work!

With a hectic lifestyle these days, packing lunch box from home becomes a far- fetched dream. This has led to a degradation of lifestyle, due to the dependency on fast food. Here are the top 5 lunch box ideas for you-

Tomato Pulao –

Lunch box ideas
Tomato Pulao

Tomato Pulao is not only easy to prepare and delicious but is also extremely nutritious. With a tangy flavour of its own, it tastes even better with some fresh curd or raita. This makes it one of the best lunch box ideas to prepare.

Corn and Methi Rice-

lunch box ideas
corn and methi rice

Corn and Methi Rice is refreshing due to its minty flavour. This can be best packed with a curry or salad of your choice, or even with nothing. This makes it one of the best lunch box ideas to prepare.

Chole and Paratha-

lunch box ideas
chole and paratha

Chole and parathas are a favourite for any Indian foodie and can be prepped effortlessly. This makes it one of the best lunch box ideas to prepare.

Palak Chicken –

lunch box ideas
palak chicken

Palak chicken is highly nutritious if prepped with authentic ingredients and no artificial flavours. Being a versatile dish, it can be packed with some steamed rice, flavoured rice, or even bread of your choice. This makes it one of the best lunch box ideas to prepare.

Butter Chicken with peas pulao-
Butter Chicken is yet again another favourite of us Indians. This dish is easy to prepare and is also extremely delicious when paired with peas pulao. This makes it one of the best lunch box ideas to prepare.

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Author: Neeta Vijaykumar

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