Top 5 healthy Chicken recipes to kick up your protein intake-

Healthy chicken recipes are something which everyone loves to experiment with, especially when chicken is a much flavourful meat. It is highly rich in protein and is easy to prepare no matter what the recipe is. Even a simple dish where the chicken is just boiled gives a unique flavour for chicken lovers.


healthy chicken recipe
healthy chicken recipe


Here are some of the top 5 healthy chicken recipes-



  • Chicken Biriyani-


          Yes, a plate of Chicken Biriyani can actually be healthy! Biriyani can be made healthier by using brown rice instead of white rice, and the ghee content can also be reduced. Further, consume chicken more than the rice and add more natural spices than artificial ones, making it a healthy chicken recipe.

  • Honey and garlic chicken wings-

Chicken wings are avoided by everyone who is a tad- bit health conscious! But what if these delicious wings can be made healthier? Use garlic and honey as marination to make your chicken ooze out healthy and yummy aromas; also semi-fry it and bake it from there to avoid excess oil, making it a healthy chicken recipe.


  • Chicken Tikka Masala-

A dish which mostly involves adding in a lot of spices and fats. This dish is a favourite of almost many chicken lovers but is generally a matter of concern due to its oozing fat. The dish can be prepared by reducing the amount of fat and using more of natural spices, in order to make it a healthy chicken recipe.


  • Garlic Chicken-

Garlic is a very healthy ingredient whether used as raw, cooked or fried. Use garlic as a marinade, and also use it heavily in the gravy to make it much richer. Garlic is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, fights cholesterol etc., hence making it a healthy chicken recipe.

  • Chicken Salad-

Salads are the ultimate health kickers, although may be boring for most. Add in some flavoured chicken chunks to your salad with some Caesar dressing if required. Devour on the tastiest healthy chicken recipe of the day.


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How to prepare a juicy Koyla Chicken

Koyla Chicken is an age-old recipe and is known for its smoky essence in flavour. Being spicy, Koyla Chicken is all about an amalgam of flavours like cashews, garam masala, fresh cream and much more. Here is the recipe to this wonderous spicy chicken dish-


Koyla Chicken
Koyla Chicken

Chicken – 1(800) grams
Ginger – 2 one-inch pieces
Garlic – 6-8 cloves
Tomatoes – 6
Cashew nuts – 10-15
Garam masala powder – 1 teaspoon
Red chilli powder – 1 & a 1/2 tablespoons
Salt to taste
Butter – 3 tablespoons
Green chillies slit – 4-5
Lemon juice – 1 tablespoon
Fresh coriander leaves – 2 tablespoons
Fresh cream – 1/2 cup
Coal – 2 large
Ghee – 1 tablespoon

Recipe method

  1. Marinate chicken pieces in red chilli powder, ginger and garlic paste, garam masala powder and salt.
  2. Blanch tomatoes in boiling water for 3 minutes.
  3. Peel tomatoes and blend them into a puree while roasting cashew nuts.
  4. Grind the roasted cashew nuts into a coarse powder with a mortar.
  5. Heat butter in a Kadai and add the chicken chunks to saute them for few minutes.
  6. Add slit green chillies and also pour in the tomato puree.
  7. Add half cup water and cover the kadai; let the chicken simmer in the gravy for about 10-15 minutes.
  8. Add in the roasted cashews and cover for another 3-4 minutes. Add lemon juice and coriander leaves while the chicken gets tender. Cook for another minute or 2.
  9. Add in fresh cream and stir; remove from heat.
  10. Heat coal on an open flame until red hot and place it into a steel bowl.
  11. Place the bowl over the chicken and pour ghee onto the coal. As soon as smoke emits, cover the kadai with a lid.
  12. Open the lid, remove the coal, and serve hot!


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Masala Box
Masala Box Weekends

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We at Masala Box will be featuring a menu of Main courses, Medium bites and Snack Treats. Masala Box Weekends will be featuring menus for mainly Indiranagar, HSR Layout and Marathahalli for now. All the 3 Weekend Menus will be an amalgam of exquisite cuisines hailing from different parts of the country.

Here is a sneak peek into the menu-

The mains-

  1. Chicken Perattu-

       Hailing from ‘God’s own country’- Kerala, Chicken Perattu is an authentic cuisine featuring chicken in a uniquely flavoured manner. The main flavours used in these are of curry leaves, coconut oil and a freshly ground spice paste. Being a spicy side dish, it usually goes well with puttu, rice, and even smashed tapioca.

  1. Mishthi Bhat-

       Mishthi Bhat is a sweet pulao hailing from Bengal. This is commonly prepared in households during festivities and is very fragrant in nature. The major taste element of this pulao is that it has a very slight undertone of sweetness in the dish.

  1. Khushka-

       Khuska is a South Asian rice dish which is primarily made of spices, rice and ghee. This is commonly served with a kurma as the side dish, be it Veg Kurma, Chicken kurma or any other non veg kurma. A mint chutney is also accompanied with the Khushka. 

Some other treats-

  1. Andhra Kodi Vepudu-

       This is a famous dry chicken dish hailing from the spicy land of Andhra Pradesh. It is prepared using a unique way of sautéing and frying the chicken in freshly ground spices. It is usually served as a starter and can also be accompanied with a simple Biriyani dish. 

  1. Chow patty Pav Bhaji- 

       There is nothing more spicy and delectable than a Pav Bhaji. This Maharashtrian exquisite cuisine is a mouth watering treat which everyone craves for and can be eaten at any time of the day. The Pav bhaji is commonly known as a street food and  every nook and corner of Mumbai is immersed in the aroma of this heavenly treat.

  1. Chole Chaawal-

       Chole Chaawal is nothing but the combination of rice and Chickpeas curry, and can be considered as a light lunch or dinner. The Chole or chickpeas is prepared in a flavourful gravy and can range from mild to extreme spice level. It is usually prepared as a healthy lunch or as a quick grab lunch. 

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Top 5 food phobias that actually exist!

Phobia is a type of anxiety disorder due to excessive fear of an object or situation. Phobias can go up to different levels and can be aversions to anything, including FOOD! Here are the top 5 food phobias that actually exist-

Food Phobias
Food Phobia


  1. Cibophobia-

Can you imagine someone fearing food as a whole? Cibophobia, a rare among food phobias, is an eating disorder in which the sufferer fears food. Some of the symptoms include fear of expired food, refusal to eat leftover food, worried about how well is the food cooked etc.; the sufferers most probably try to develop certain eating rules.

  1. Mageirocophobia

This condition involves the fear of cooking; a common among food phobias. The fear is associated with being afraid of burning themselves, over/undercooking the food, or even afraid of cooking for others.

  1. Acerophobia

Among food phobias, this is the fear associated with sour foods. Acerophobia usually arises out of a traumatic experience during an early age. This is also known as Acerbophobia.

  1. Thermophobia

Among food phobias, this is the fear associated with hot foods. Thermophobic people generally try to avoid hot foods, hot weather or rather anything hot. The opposite of thermophobia is Cryophobia, the fear of cold.

  1. Alektorophobia-

This among food phobias is basically the fear of chicken. This is considered as one of the rarest phobias in the world. This can also be considered as a condition linked to Obsessive Control Disorder (OCD).


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Diwali, also known as the festival of light, marks the celebration of spiritual victory over darkness, evil and ignorance. No matter how varied are the customs in different parts, no Diwali passes by without sharing joy and love through sweets and chocolates. Here are some of the top recipes for a splendid Diwali-


  1. Matar Chola-
matar chole diwali
matar chole

Matar Chola is a spicy curry made which can be eaten as both a side dish as well as a curry. The spicy combination of chickpeas, tomato, onions, green chillies etc. give a unique blend of flavours in the mouth. If you do not have much of a sweet tooth, you can always opt for ‘Matar Chola’.


     2) Namakpara-

namakpara diwali

         A replacement to Namkeens, these treat bites are the perfect evening snack after a whole day of festivity. Namakparas are salty treats that can be made out of simple ingredients. You can also give them a sweet twist if you are someone who loves crunchy sweet treats.


3) Chana Dal Bhajiya-

chana dal bhajiya diwali
chana dal bhajiya

  Looking forward to some guests coming over? Then this is the perfect snack for everyone to relish on, be it a child or an adult. These are similar to ‘Pakories’ and are best served with chutney as a side dish.


4) Lauki Ki Barfi-

lauke ki barfi diwali
lauke ki barfi

    Who thought that a bottle- gourd can be used to make something sweet and delicious like this! This same recipe can be made using coconut instead of bottle gourd. This recipe is not only delicious but is also light and healthy.


5) Seb ka Halwa-

seb ka halwa diwali
seb ka halwa

    As the name suggests, this halwa is made out of apples and can be considered as one of the most easiest Halwa recipes. Using simple ingredients like grated apples, cashew, ghee etc., this is a simple and quick recipe you can pull off for sudden guests. You can make it more exciting by adding extra flavours like cinnamon or cardamom, and much more.


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